Peruvian Doppelganger: Part I

Every so often, I encounter a Peruvian who kind of reminds me of someone from my past, a famous person or even a character from Billy Bob Thornton’s Bad Santa. My housemate Mateo claims there is a boy at Fe y Alegria, the school where I’ll be teaching, who is the spitting image of Orlando Bloom. I’ll believe it when I see him.

When someone shares an uncanny enough resemblance with another person, Germans use the term “doppelganger.” I simply use the term “awesome.”

Below is a picture of Henry, one of the doppelgangers I have met since arriving in Peru. Unfortunately, Henry refused to smile for the picture, making it more difficult to see the cherubic innocence that allows him to be this particular doppelganger in the first place. On the other hand, his scowl makes him look a little bit like George Michael. I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver...

And his Peruvian doppelganger, Henry.
NOTE: As you might have noticed, this post is partially titled “Part I.” I did this in the hope that I will continue meeting Peruvian doppelgangers. The day I find someone who looks like Buzz McCallister from Home Alone is the day I pack my bags, buy a plane ticket home and declare, “Mission Accomplished.”

About brianharperu

A recent Marquette University graduate who inexplicably finds himself living and working as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru, Brian enjoys writing, learning new musical instruments, imagining himself to be a better athlete than he is, eating pancakes and voting as part of his civic duty.
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2 Responses to Peruvian Doppelganger: Part I

  1. Jessica Williams says:

    hahahah, Buzz McCallister….now that WOULD be ‘awesome’.

  2. Sandie Berka says:

    Hi Brian!
    I am enjoying your blog so very much! And my students continue enjoying your Marquette articles! What great voice in your writing! Looking forward to future blogs….

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