All Is Well

Last Friday, my parents unexpectedly phoned me. They told me someone had called my great uncle and, posing as me, said I had been in a car crash in Peru and needed money.

I am not sure how this person obtained any of my personal information, but in case they try to contact any other friends and family, I thought I would let all of you know that a) I was not in a car crash and b) I do not need any money. All is well.

To the person who did this, have fun explaining to the gatekeeper why you tried to defraud a retired, 88 year-old priest.


About brianharperu

A recent Marquette University graduate who inexplicably finds himself living and working as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru, Brian enjoys writing, learning new musical instruments, imagining himself to be a better athlete than he is, eating pancakes and voting as part of his civic duty.
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