People I Can Relate To

One of the best parts of my time in Andahuaylillas has been making friends. There is Justo, the parish’s maintenance worker. He repairs whatever we break in our volunteer house, loves learning North American insults and literally will give you the beer out of his hand. There are also Alfredo and Bertha, a Peruvian couple with whom we work in the school and parish and who come to our house each Sunday to drink tea and practice English.

But Susan, my fellow JV, has pointed out that I’m most in my element when I’m hanging out with 5 year-olds. “You have the same sense of humor,” she explained.

I think Susan meant this as an insult. Take the following conversation between her and Antoni, a little boy who eats in the comedor/cafeteria where Susan and another JV named Mallory work:

Susan: Antoni, are you my friend?
Antoni: No.
Susan: Why not?
Antoni: Because you’re my fart.

While I like to think I would never say something like this, the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing for about an hour after Susan told me this story kind of proved her point.

One day when I came to the comedor to eat with Antoni and two of his friends, Gabriel and Diego, I decided to pull out my camera and let them express themselves. These are my people:

(L-R) Gabriel, Antoni and Diego

Two girls who also eat at the comedor. Though our sweater-ed friend is a little more rowdy in how she expresses her affection, she is clearly no less entertaining or cute than the others.


About brianharperu

A recent Marquette University graduate who inexplicably finds himself living and working as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru, Brian enjoys writing, learning new musical instruments, imagining himself to be a better athlete than he is, eating pancakes and voting as part of his civic duty.
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2 Responses to People I Can Relate To

  1. william carroll says:

    Your Mom and Dad are coming to the Mass for Mike Sat. eve. I plan to tell them, yet again, how proud they shoud be of their sons. Love reading of your comings and goings there. Just read Marinass’ “Obama”. Very interesting. Stay well. Love, Grampa

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