Peruvian Doppelganger: Part VIII

Doppelganger sightings tend to slow down in the summer months (other side of the equator=opposite seasons). That said, a quick glance through my photos revealed an un-posted look-alike. Feast away…





Why this doppelganger especially works:
1) They legitimately look alike.
2) Their names are strikingly similar.
3) Roosbelt is on board and proud of his brother from Neverland. He regularly asks if we can watch Hook in class. I think that would be bangarang.


About brianharperu

A recent Marquette University graduate who inexplicably finds himself living and working as a Jesuit Volunteer in Peru, Brian enjoys writing, learning new musical instruments, imagining himself to be a better athlete than he is, eating pancakes and voting as part of his civic duty.
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